About Our Company

Our mission is to get more dogs socialized and trained, so that we can as responsible dog owners prevent dog bites and have lovable house pets. We believe that success in K9Dog Trainer training depends on the right person, implementing the correct technique, in the correct manner, at the right time.

The best dog training teacher in Las Vegas will know that behavior modification is all about technique. At Southern Nevada Dog Training, we attempt to bring the correct methods of dog trainer profession to the ordinary pet owner. We have taught dog owners responsible dog ownership, basic obedience and proper socialization of dogs to prevent aggressive behavior.Our dog school offers both group and private training classes. You can even get in home dog training. We also have pitbull training courses, which can help channel this breed’s boundless energy into good behavior.

You can call us at Southern Nevada Dog Training today to learn about K9 training and puppy training in Las Vegas, NV.

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  • Excellent Service
  • Kind and Patient Training
  • Offers In-Home Training


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